Roger's Carpentry

The finest carpentry services in the Yosemite Foothills

About Roger

When I was just a kid I worked with my father in his industrial display business. We fabricated all types of visual displays for show rooms and offices. In later years, I developed an interest in motion pictures mainly special effects and set construction. I graduated from college with a degree in film production and worked for many years building sets and furniture and special effects gadgets.

I started ROGER”S CARPENTRY because I was always getting requests from people who wanted projects done that they couldn’t get anyone to do. Most were small things or a single cabinet or shelf unit too small for other companies to pay much attention to. Since the early 1980’s I’ve continued doing anything from small projects to major kitchen and bathroom cabinets. All my work is custom and designed to fit my client’s needs. I like doing projects that will show off each client’s individual style and make them feel proud to have in their home or business
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